Proving it’s not the camera

People often see the “professional” camera (i.e. large DSLR body) and assume that’s what creates great photos. Indeed, a good sensor, optics, and so on certainly helps, but it does nothing for the idea captured or the composition.

Case in point, I was up in Rocky Mountain National Park, not far from my home, the other morning for the full moon setting at sunrise. During shooting I saw the reflection of the scene on the front of the lens and grabbed my cell phone to take a picture:

This image received far more “likes” than the final product (a 10 shot panoramic) did on Facebook, despite it not being a great image technically.

I do like the shot and it’s something a little out of the ordinary, which is why I’m sure people liked it.  It just goes to show that the best camera is the one you have on you.

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