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The pandemic caused the postponement of multiple trips this year for me (minor in the grand scheme of things, I know), but it has one silver lining in that I’ve increased exploring of my local town with camera in hand.

From evening walks in snow among deserted streets to summer sunsets, here are a few of my favorite photos closer to home in Arvada, Colorado.

Around Olde Town Arvada

Streets of Olde Town at sunrise early in the pandemic.
Old Flour Mill in snow. I walked by this building almost daily and never took a photo until this night when this view through the snowy branches caught my eye.
Mill at sunset.
Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters.
Bank in Olde Town.

Olde Town Train Stop

A train at the station during sunrise.
A train departing on a snowy night.
Snowy train tracks. Looking away from the station towards the water tower.

Water Tower

Water Tower at sunrise with the trees blooming.
Spring blooms.
Full moon setting and the water tower.
At night.
Stairs under the water tower on a snowy night.


A duck in a pond at Tomlinson Park nearby.

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