Display consultation and printing

In a world of digital photography it’s increasingly rare to print photos or even see a photo larger than a screen on your phone or laptop.

Therefore, I’m always excited when I do have opportunities to print, whether it’s for a show, a client, or friends, as was a recent case.

After some other remodeling they wanted to do a collage of Colorado prints to complement the wooden Colorado flag they already had.

I provided photo options that met their criteria and created a few potential themes based on their input.

As we narrowed down the selection of probable prints, I created a mock-up with the photos scaled to their living room wall (based on a quick photo I previously took), including potential frames. This allowed us to see the photos in their actual environment, as well explore different layouts and sizes.

One of several mock-ups done to assess size, layout, and prints.

From there, I printed proofs and then the actual prints*.

The final product.
A close-up of the wood prints.

* These photos are printed on wood with the grain slightly visible. I recommended wood as an option here to compliment the flag’s color and finish. The concern with using traditional prints and frames, especially after seeing the mock-ups, was that they’d over power the flag which was meant to be the anchor of the wall.

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