Bison in the Snow

Bison in an early season snow from last fall. I went out that morning in the falling snow not sure what I may find and was delighted when I found a bison herd, easily accessible and in the trees which provided some different photo compositions than I normally take of bison.

Since these photos were taken, Denver has been incredibly dry. While the nice weather has been welcomed at times, hopefully the next couple of months provide additional snow-coated photographic opportunities. 

Having a moment with a one-ton bison.
Still eating, impervious to the snow.
I loved how many bison were around the trees which provided for more interesting compositions. So often I photograph bison in larger fields so this was a fun change of scenery.
To photograph bison like this you pretty much wait, wait, wait for them to look up from eating then quickly take a photo or two before they look down again. Repeat for an hour.
One bison away from the others. He was moving quickly and I barely got him framed between the trees.

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