Antarctica Landscapes

My interest in photography started with landscapes and, while I’ve branched out into other areas (e.g., wildlife, travel), at my core, I still love landscapes the best. 

I’m particularly drawn to wide-open, seemingly barren, landscapes. Some of my favorite trips, and photos, are from places like Iceland, Norway, and the Faroe Islands. 

So, when Antarctica became a potential trip it was the idea of this snow and ice-covered landscape that excited me most. The penguins were pretty cool, too (see the forthcoming Part 2 where I’ll cover wildlife) and it’s fun to say I’ve checked off another continent, but these vistas with this light was sublime. 

All photos from November 2023. Locations include Deception Island (old whaling station), Portal Point, Freud Passage, Danco Island, Neko Harbour, Orne Harbour, and the Southern Ocean.

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