March in Colorado

March weather in Colorado can go from one extreme to the other and this past month was no exception. It was one of the snowiest on record and yet we enjoyed 70+ degree days. 

Here are a few photos from March, including a foggy morning at Chatfield State Park after a snow, and birds on a warm afternoon at Crown Hill Park in the suburbs of Denver.

Before sunrise I spotted these trees in dense fog. I stuck around for the fog to begin to lift in order to capture them.
The light hardly changed for over an hour and then the sun finally began to break through the fog, casting an almost eerie light over the landscape.
I couldn’t shoot quickly enough for the few minutes the colorful light lasted.
Days later, spring was in the full force with Red-winged Blackbirds putting on quite the concert at sunset.
Another Blackbird joining in the calls.
A duck couple enjoying the sunset.

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