Sunset from the Gran Torre Costanera

The Gran Torre Costanera, located in Santiago, Chile, is the tallest building in South America at 980 feet and 64 stories. It houses Latin America’s largest shopping mall, two hotels, and offices. It was completed in 2013.

In 2015, floors 61 & 62 were open to the public under the name Sky Costanera, with the latter floor being open-air from the top. The photos below were taken from these floors at sunset in November as I spent a couple of days in Santiago on my way home from Antarctica.

The weather was great, the light beautiful, and the views extensive. But perhaps more remarkably was how calm everyone was. There is something about sunsets, even more than sunrise, I’d argue, that can just chill people out and focus them in the moment (ok, some people were probably posting on Instagram or something, but the majority were soaking in the view).

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