Colorado National Monument

A birthday trip to the Western Slope of Colorado this spring. As long as I have lived here in Colorado, there are still so many areas to explore. Colorado National Monument was one such area, that after years of driving by it, we finally planned a trip specifically to see it.

And spring was the perfect time to visit, with few crowds and milder temperatures. The scenery wasn’t too bad, either.

The very first photo of the trip. Book Cliffs from atop Colorado National Monument at sunset.
Grand View (both the location and an appropriate description) in the early morning light.
Sunbeams filtering through the Grand Mesa (photographed from the National Monument, but not technically inside the Monument).
Sunrise from Grand View.
Long exposure from above the main road as it snakes up the canyon walls to gain the top of canyon.
McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area.
From the OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle) Recreation Area outside of Grand Junction.

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  • Adrar Travel on Jun 03, 2021

    This is the best Photography blog I have seen this year! Thank you for sharing and we hope to see you in Morocco one day!

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