Salida, Colorado in Winter

Salida means ‘exit’ in Spanish and the Colorado town was given that name for the Arkansas River’s exit out of one valley and into another canyon. Today it seems Salida is anything but an exit, but rather than entrance into central Colorado.

The town itself, the largest historic district in the State and once a stagecoach and railroad stop, has transformed itself into an arts and outdoor mecca. In town, galleries dot the streets, and outdoor activities exist in town and in the surrounding mountains. Hiking, including nearby 14ers (peaks over 14k feet), whitewater boating, mountain biking, skiing, fishing… well, pretty much anything. 

Somehow this turned into an advertisement for Salida, which it wasn’t intended, but easy to do. We make an annual winter trip there to ski and this year extended our stay to a week allowing for more time out with the camera. Below are a few highlights.

Downtown Salida before the Town awakes.
Downtown Salida.
Thanks to Salida Bike Co for parking their old pickup truck in an easily photographed spot.
Riding the rapids of PBR beer. (This bar’s location is currently for sale in case you want to own this mural.)
Old canoes and kayaks in an alley downtown.
Sunrise with Hwy 50 skirting through the trees.
Same mountains, different time of day (and from a different viewpoint).
An old mine on Monarch Pass. Or it’s part of an old quarry. There were mines in the area, though see conflicting information on what this structure was.
Dawn on Monarch Pass.

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