2022 Year in Review

Each year I select some arbitrary number of photos that were my favorites from the year. It’s fun to see not only remember trips that felt so long ago, but also to see how my photography evolved that year. This year my photos spanned more subjects in more places, and included more people than they have in the past. Part of that was undoubtedly due to travel becoming easier again, but I think also reflects wanting to incorporate people more often in my photography.

Below are 30 favorites with a little about why they made the cut this year. They’re often not my best photos from a technical standpoint, but they’re the ones with some of the best memories.

Exploring the Black Canyon of the Gunnison with family. A hot, sunny day, but even then you can sometimes get a good photo in the midday sun.
Roaming the streets of Denver. The Happy sign just stood out like a beacon drawing me down the street to make this photo.
The lunar eclipse over Denver. It’s nice to have events like this to motivate me to find new areas near home to photograph. I had researched several spots that day, even checking some out in person, before settling in here for the main event. Standing on a pedestrian bridge with a tripod at night is a great way to strike up conversation it turns out.
All the blues. I was photographing sunrise when this Mountain Bluebird decided to pose for me.
You can’t tell from the photo, but it was 90 and no shade this day I photographed volunteers building a new trail for VOC. Yet, everyone was still in great spirits, even while carrying logs uphill.
A chance encounter with the Cumbre Toltec in northern NM. We drove through for the fall colors and were spoiled with not only vibrant trees but also an old steam train.
Brazos Summit in northern New Mexico. Visit one was a rainy day so we returned again later and got this photo (right before it hailed).
A mountain in clouds with aspens in front.
Rapidly changing weather in southwest Colorado. When you happen to be there for a break in the clouds you feel like you’ve won the lottery.
Ridgway at sunset from an elevated position
Some of the most beautiful light I’d ever seen in this valley outside of Ridgway, Colorado.
One of my favorite towns in Colorado, Silverton (Silver Plume is a close second, while Silverthorne doesn’t even make the list). A rainy afternoon in fall just seemed to capture the town perfectly.
A red mountain with aspens and snow.
Fresh snow and fall colors. I lucked out on the timing of this trip.
A boater playing in the tidal flow near the Sunshine Coast outside of Vancouver, Canada. A fun hike out to the viewing spot with some friends to watch this free “show.”
Not sure I’ve ever taken photos of chipmunks before, but this guy seemed especially photogenic.
Outside of the Badlands NP, SD. I didn’t stop for any photos of the Badlands on this drive, but immediately pulled over when I saw this scene on the way home.
A beautiful evening and one of the most beautiful night skies I’ve ever photographed.
Same evening, just sitting and hanging out talking to passerby’s, while waiting for dusk.
Beautiful night at Mt Rushmore.
Sunset over the coves at 11-Mile State Park during a fun camping trip with friends. Moments after this we were inundated with flying insects that came out at dusk.
Muelle de Playa Los Muertos in Puerto Vallarta. A chill walk at sunset on a very chill trip (I mean, it was still hot – we just didn’t have much of a plan for anything).
The famous Drežnica goats in Slovenia. I wasn’t sure I’d see them so was excited when I did. These goats only exist in this valley in Slovenia.
Vintgar Gorge hike in Slovenia. A relaxing hike that I almost didn’t do, but was glad I did.
A beautiful evening watching the sunset over Lake Bled and the Assumption of Maria Church. Before sunset at this lookout, I met people from all over the world who came to take in this same view.
Capturing a slightly more unique photo of Assumption of Maria Church on Lake Bled early in the morning. The lake and town were so calm that it was easy to forget others even existed here.
The Govc Vrsnik Tourist Farm in the Robanov Kot area where I stayed. Beautiful pastures. Home-cooked meals. And home-made schnapps – maybe that’s why I liked this place so much :).
A day in Istanbul. Great weather. A great guide. Totally made the long layover worth it.
I was initially annoyed when this couple stopped immediately in front of the scene I was photographing, but then realized I liked this photo even more than the photos without them (Philadelphia).
The moon backlighting clouds over Rocky Mountain National Park. I went to photograph a lake, but instead walked away with this photograph.
A rainy night in Denver. I had no objective in mind this evening and instead just wandered around seeing what there was to see. I love photographing cities in rain – the wet streets and sidewalks reflect the light and color making otherwise drab scenes really glow.
How could I not select one bison photo, considering how often I photograph them? Taken one very cold morning at Rocky Mountain Arsenal.
Another damn cold morning on Monarch Pass. But worth it.

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  • Nancy on Jan 18, 2023

    I love them all, as usual!! Such astounding talent!!

  • kathleen farrell on Jan 18, 2023

    Dave, What beautiful photos!!!! It is only 9 am here and I feel like I have travelled the world!!! The Rocky Mountain photos and the photos of that beautiful church in Europe are just fantastic!! Kathy

  • Jeverna on Jan 17, 2023

    amazing and beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

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