The Ocean Endeavour

This is the fourth post on Antarctica. Prior posts focused on the landscapes and wildlife of Antarctica, plus Deception Island.

The Ocen Endeavour is an expedition-class ship that bounces between the poles depending on season (i.e. summer in each). It operates under long-term contracts with different tour operators (I went with Intrepid Travel).

Built originally in 1981 in Poland and has been refitted (and renamed) several times before becoming the Ocen Endeavour in 2014. It holds roughly 200 passengers (a common limit for Antarctic vessels) plus boat crew and expedition staff.

The Ocean Endeavour as seen from our zodiac boat.
Our boat being swallowed by a shark-berg.
Oh thank god, it emerged from the other side.
A long exposure capturing the boat in the Drake Passage, rocking and rolling.
Sailing through brash ice on our last day along the peninsula before heading back north.
View from the bridge.
Lifeboats at night in the snow. Luckily, with the exception of a safety drill, we didn’t have to think about these.
Sunrise from the bridge while on the Drake Passage.
Sunrise very early in the morning (approximately 4:30am).
Looking up at the bridge in the snow.
Watching the icebergs as they sailed by.
Seeing the landscapes and wildlife from the water was unreal.
All weather zodiac operations.
Bringing a zodiac in for loading in the snow.

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  • David Kennedy on Mar 30, 2024

    Hi Janis – it was pretty incredible being on the water and getting that up close to the ice and wildlife. I enjoyed the cruising in zodiacs far more than I had expected.

  • Janis Schweitzer on Feb 06, 2024

    Hoe did being on a Zodiak near Anartica effect you. I reacted physically to your photos. Thank you for sharing.

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