Fall in Acadia National Park – 2020

After the trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and Grand Teton National Park, I had one more trip left for fall, Acadia National Park. Unlike the others, this wasn’t a road trip and as such it was almost called off to avoid flying. Luckily, everything worked out and we still made the trip, though with a few changes.

Below are a few of my favorites from in and around Acadia National Park this fall. 

Fall colors in Acadia National Park.
A view from a ferry tour. I honestly can’t remember exactly where this was at along the journey, but I do remember seeing it and thinking it captured an idealized slice of New England Americana.
The aptly named Boulder Beach at sunrise, Acadia National Park.
Looking towards Otter Cove just after sunrise with low fog flowing over the ridges.
The rocky shore of Otter Point in Acadia National Park.
A fishing boat coming in at sunset near Bass Harbor Head.
I could (and almost did) create a whole newsletter with nothing but lighthouses from this trip, but I limited myself to just three photos.

This one and the next one below are of the same lighthouse, Winter Harbor. This one taken from a ferry.
This photo of Winter Harbor Lighthouse was taken from Schoodic Point. It was great getting to see a few lighthouses from multiple views to really help orient yourself in the Park and along the coast, which I suppose is the whole point of lighthouses.
And finally, perhaps the most photographed lighthouse there is, Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. Not seen just below the bottom edge of this frame are a few dozen fellow photographers (no joke).
A stream near Duck Brook Bridge. Scrambling down to this vantage point was well worth the short detour. 
The stream below Hemlock Bridge, one of many beautiful stone bridges found along the carriage roads throughout Acadia National Park.
Jesup Path, a boardwalk pathway in Acadia National Park.
And just so we don’t forget what year it was. One of many reminders of 2020 in downtown Bar Harbor.

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