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I almost didn’t go to Bled. It’s the most touristy spot in the country with crowds to prove it, at least during peak tourist season. Not having gone, however, would have been a huge mistake. Bled lived up to the reviews and more. In trying to avoid crowds sometimes, it’s easy to forget that popular tourist spots are popular for a reason. It would have been like going to Rocky Mountain National Park for my first visit and not going to Bear Lake.

I was, to be fair, fortunate to be there before peak season, plus, as is true in most places, if you’re up early or out late, you can still feel like you have it to yourself.

It’s a beautiful area in general, but the church, Assumption of Maria, on Lake Bled really does feel like something out of a fairytale. I almost didn’t go, and I left having wanted to have stayed longer. 

Lake Bled, Assumption of Maria Church, and even Bled Castle (left center). This popular lookout had a dozen people at it before sunset, but all had left by time the color really popped. However, that did mean I hiked down in the dark, which turned into an adventure (spoiler alert: I made it out).
The water taxi departing the island.
A walk along the lake before sunrise.
Rowboat rentals. 
Real rowers. Bled is actually renowned for its rowing. Many championships have been held there. This coming spring the European Rowing Championship will be held at Lake Bled.
Bled Castle at sunset. 
The other side of Bled Castle. Visible from many points in Bled, as I’m sure was the reason for its location (as well as for defense – I don’t believe this castle ever fell to outside forces). 
Church of St. John the Baptist.
Hiking through the Vintgar Gorge near Bled. Most of the hike was along these boardwalks and was one-way through the gorge. You returned via one of two separate paths outside the gorge.
Mostnica River in Bohinj.
Lake Bohinj. Another popular, though less visited, lake a short way from Bled.

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