A long weekend in Havana, Cuba

A couple of years ago it was “go before it changes too much” and now it’s “go before you cannot (easily) go” given the recent political developments. Still, neither was a greatly motivating factor for us to go. Instead, a couple of friends and myself were interested in a weekend trip together, Cuba was on all of our radars, and it worked well for all of us to get there from different cities. Check, check, and check.

We knew we couldn’t do all of Cuba justice in only 4-5 days, so we focused on Havana with a day trip to Viñales.

Cuba is rich in color, contrast, and history – often all at the same time – providing endless opportunities for photography. And while I think Havana is often more well known for street photography among photographers, luckily there were plenty of “landscapes” (my preferred) to be found, too.

Here are a dozen of my favorite photographs from the weekend.

You hear Cuba has a lot of old American cars, but until I saw just how prevalent they are, it was hard to believe. They really are everywhere.
Sunset along the Malecon.
Some classics are in better shape than others. This one was conveniently parked outside where we were staying.
Looking across to the lighhouse and Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro (i.e. fort).
Centro Habana.
Paseo del Prado, the divided road with pedestrian way in the middle, the divides Old Havana and Centro Habana.
Food delivery at night in Old Havana.
Castillo de la Real Fuerza.
The lighthouse at Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro (i.e. the fort).
The drive to Viñales in a ’53 Bel Air.
Freshly made and bundled cigars.
Last evening in Havana.

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