Work took me to Philadelphia last month and I was able to go a day early to explore the City. The weather was perfect for walking so I explored on foot, hitting the famous sites and neighborhoods in between.

Philly felt like a mini-NYC. An older city mixed with modern design and a lot of American history, yet smaller and more easily explored in just a couple of days. 

Here are a few of my favorites.

Philly at sunset from the Race Street Pier.
City Hall at the end of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. A mile-long road connecting Logan Circle (and City Hall just beyond) and the Museum of Art (i.e. those famous stairs Rocky ran up – this photo was taken from them, though I did not run up them).
Philly and the Schuylkill River near sunset.
George Washington getting a momentary reprieve from the tourists.
Addison Street, known for its light-wrapped trees. Oh, and it’s a pretty street all-around, too.
Elfreth’s Alley. America’s oldest continually inhabited residential street. These houses were originally built in the 18th century and housed artisans and tradespeople. 
Benjamin Franklin Bridge (and NJ in the distance). When in doubt in Philly as to the name of something, guess Benjamin Franklin. 
Boathouses (as in rowboats) from the 1800s. Lights outline the buildings year round. This photo was taken from the Water Works, the one-time cutting edge, and the nation’s first, municipal water supply system. 
Philly at night from the top of the PSFS building (now the Loews Hotel). Built in the 30s, it was considered America’s first modern skyscraper. I hope you like all the history of the spots I took the photos rather than only the photo itself :).
Love Park, Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and the Museum of Art.

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