Slovenia Part 3 – Around Slovenia

Slovenia 2022
Istanbul for a day
Lake Bled
Around Slovenia

In between Ljubljana and Bled, and between Bled and returning to Ljubljana I stopped in two smaller towns for a couple of nights. These alpine valleys were just beautiful. I’d be driving up a very winding road, through a forest, not sure the GPS was actually taking me to the right place, only to then round a final corner and break out into a wide expanse of a valley.

The views, the light, and the history all combined for a great road trip with chances for photos at every turn.

A church on my way to the Robanov Kot area. When you see a church sitting above the town, spotlighted by the sun, you stop.
Around the Govc Vrsnik Tourist Farm, where I stayed, in the Robanov Kot area
Govc Vrsnik Tourist Farm.
A barn at the Govc Vrsnik Tourist Farm.
Cows at the Govc Vrsnik Tourist Farm.
Cerkev Sv. Duh, on the Panoramic Road
The Church of St. Primož and Felicijan in Jamnik on a day when the weather was a little too moody.
The Church of St. Primož and Felicijan in Jamnik on a much clearer day.
Looking toward the towns of Jezerca from Drežnica
San Fermin Church in Drežnica.
The Drežnica goat. A breed unique to this valley.
San Fermin Church at sunset.

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