On Display at Denver International Airport

If you are a frequent traveler through Denver International Airport (DEN), you may notice the many rotating art displays, including various photography shows. For their latest photo exhibit, My Colorado: Architecture, a photo of mine (previously shared in my newsletter) was selected.

Abott Church at Sunset. Near Lindon, Colorado.

Unfortunately, the exhibit is behind security at DEN so you’ll need to be flying to check it out. It is located just past security on the A Bridge. As you cross the bridge, you will be in the middle of the exhibit as the path forks with photos to both your left and right. You can also reach Concourse A via the train and then proceeding to the top floor (follow the signs for the walkway to the main terminal).

Exhibit location on A Bridge. Photo: DEN
Photo: DEN
Photo: DEN
I was also selected as one of the five photographs for the promotional posters. Photo: DEN

The photos will be on display for several months, at least through summer it sounds like. Check it out if you have some time to pass at DEN!

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