Wildflower Season

‘Tis the season for wildflowers here in Colorado. The timing and quality of the show wildflowers put on will vary yearly, based on such things as how wet of a winter and spring we had, temperature, and other variables. Blooms start earlier at lower elevations (May/June) and gradually move up in elevation as the summer goes on and alpine meadows melt out (July/Aug).

Below are a few taken this year on various hikes. All fun facts (well, most) are from the website¬†Colorado’s Wildflowers.

Colombine (and lots of other flowers, too).

Fun fact: Colombines turns white with age. If you see a white colombine, you will know it has been blooming for over 25 years.

Silvery Lupine.

Fun fact: I took a similar photo three years ago.

Silvery Lupine.

Fun fact #2: Sometimes they can be seen as more white than purple or blue (as seen a little bit here).

Indian Paintbrush.

Fun fact: Most Indian paintbrushes are semi-parasitic, their roots establishing connections with roots of other species to leech nutrients.

Mountain Marsh Marigold.

Fun fact: They are actually not a marigold, but are part of the Buttercup family.

Hiking partners.

Fun fact: They are very patient while I’m laying in meadows taking photos.

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